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Les Misérables AUDITIONS

Principal Roles, Ensemble & Children’s Roles

The Showbiz Christchurch season of Les Misérables will be the much anticipated return of one of the greatest musicals of modern time. Seen by a live global theatre audience of more than 75 Million people since 1985, and now the longest running musical of all time, this epic masterpiece is coming back to Christchurch!

Please note: Showbiz Christchurch is a not for profit society established for community participation and enjoyment of musicals, and involvement in a production is on a voluntary basis.

Artistic Team:

  • Producer: Showbiz Christchurch
  • Director/Choreographer: Stephen Robertson
  • Musical Director: Richard Marrett

Performance Season:

  • 14 Sept. - 6 Oct. 2018
  • Isaac Theatre Royal


Principal Roles - Auditions Completed

Male and Female Ensemble - Auditions Completed

Children’s Roles -  Saturday, 30 June, 11.00 am - 5.30 pm

Auditions Open

  • Young Cosette and Eponine (3 performers; stage age 6-7; performing alternate roles/nights)
  • Gavroche (2 performers; stage age of 11- 12; performing alternate performance nights)
  • mature young singer/actors
  • appropriate height for stage ages
  • good singing voices
  • capable of communicating the emotions of the character on stage
  • able to perform in the evenings, finishing around 10:30pm
  • comfortable with the adult themes and language in the show

Auditions will be conducted in groups of ten, with boys and girls in separate groups.

Performers will be taken through the musical excerpts for their character, then will be asked to sing individually. No additional music is required.

The Audition Panel may request some applicants return later that afternoon for a group acting audition. These recalls will commence from 4 pm Saturday, June 30th.

Audition outcomes will be notified no later than July 13th.

  • Commence mid-July.
  • There is a potential for up to 20 performances, including matinees and evening performances finishing at 10:30pm
  • Child performers will have dedicated chaperones throughout rehearsals and performances. Parents/Guardians are not required in rehearsals or when in the theatre.
  • Child performers will alternate nights to enable rest between performances.

For a full breakdown on all roles and ensemble, and audition expectations, please read the Audition Pack carefully, before booking an audition.


Les Miserables

Les Misérables Audition Materials:

Audition Info:

All auditions will be held at Showbiz Studios:

  • 369 St Asaph Street, Christchurch.
  • Please park on the street as there is limited off street parking.
Evita: 15 Sept 15 – 1 Oct 2016