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Cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Cameron Douglas: Bernadette
Isaac Pawson: Tick/Mitzi
Tom Worthington: Adam/Felicia
Melinda Joe: Cynthia
Naomi Ferguson: Diva 3/Shirley
Emily Burns: Diva 1
Jane Leonard
Markham Lee: Bob
Alex Wilson: Benji
Ollie Bubb: Benji
Jeremy Hinman: Miss Understanding
Olly Humphries: Young Bernadette
Greta Casey-Solly
Hayden Joseph Withers: Ensemble
Taylor Roche: Ensemble
Fergus Inder: Ensemble
Alistair Davies: Ensemble
Brett McPhail: Ensemble
Jenna Morris Williamson: Ensemble
Craig Lough: Ensemble
  • Written by Stephan Elliot and Allan Scott
  • Based on the Latent Image/Specific Films Motion Picture distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.
  • Musical arrangements and orchestrations by Stephen 'Spud' Murphy
  • Developed for the stage and original direction by Simon Phillips
  • Original costume design by Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel
  • Directed and choreography by Stephen Robertson
  • Musical direction by Richard Marrett
  • Produced by Showbiz Christchurch by arrangement with Nullabor Productions in association with MGM On Stage. Exclusively licensed by Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd.
    L to R: Cameron Pearce, Georgina Rees Stevenson, Craig Given (seated), Tim Sellars, Michael Story, Richard Marrett (seated), Sam Jury (seated), Michael Ferrar, Scott Taitoko and Gwyn Reynolds.
  • Conductor and Keyboard 1: Richard Marrett
  • Keyboard 2: Sam Jury
  • Percussion: Craig Given
  • Drums: Tim Sellars
  • Bass: Michael Story
  • Guitar: Michael Ferrar
  • Trumpet: Cameron Pearce
  • Trombone: Scott Taitoko
  • Saxes: Gwyn Reynolds
  • Clarinet and Flute: Georgina Rees-Stevenson


  • Director & Choreographer: Stephen Robertson
  • Musical Director & Conductor: Richard Marrett
  • Set Design: Harold Moot
  • Lighting Design: Grant Robertson –The Light Site
  • Sound Design: Ben Rentoul – BounceNZ
  • AV Design: Dave Sparks - Pixel
  • Production Chair: Markham Lee
  • Production Secretary: Sue Beardsley
  • Stage Manager: Gavin Bailey
  • Head Mechanist: David Bosworth
  • Head Flyman: David Gill
  • Wardrobe Manager: Diane Brodie QSM
  • Properties Manager: Catherina Hengst
  • Wigs & Make-up Manager: Sarah Greenwood Buchanan
  • Keyboard Programming: Matthew Everingham
  • Repetiteur: Sam Jury
  • Lighting Operator: Darren McKane
  • Sound Operator: Glen Ruske – BounceNZ
  • Lighting Assistants: Megan Liddell, Scott Partridge and Erin Thorne
  • Assistant Production Secretary: Nickie Wellbourn
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Chloë Ellis and Jennie Lyall
  • Fly Crew: Robert van de Water, Fiona Bennetts and Jareth Paulsen
  • Stage Crew: Frank Connor, Graham Davies, Jacob Fagan, Matthew Fagan, Don Gillanders, Shaun Gilmore, Diana Hinterleitner, Suzanne Rivers, Nicola Smith-Palmer and Steve Taylor
  • Radio Microphones: Kellie Dunlop and Eden Cotter-Longworth
  • Wardrobe Assistants: Sue Beardsley, Violet Blay, Brian Brodie, Fiona Buckley, Annette Bunting, Linda Burr, Julie Collender, Allison Collins, Alan Collins, Jan Cosgrove, Avril Davies, Holly Diepraam, Roz Ellis, Chris Finnie, Anne-Marie Gilmore, Wendy Harris, Bryony Jamison, Mary Kirby, Gina Lee, Marie MacGibbon, Charlotte McNulty, Vicki Morris-Williamson, Mandy Perry, Kath Preston, Bronwyn Rate, Liann Scott, Marcelle Sherwood, Bernie Taylor and Gabrielle Whalls
  • Props Assistants: Bernie Ball, Dave Barltrop, Judy Bish, Dave Brittan, Lydia Foate, Jennie Knox and Dave Stott
  • Wigs & Make-up Assistants: Margaret Ackroyd, Zoe Buckland, Scott Campbell, Deirdre Fell, Patrice Hammond, Linda Harris, Marie Huston, Kate Murden, Michelle Raach, Jeny Shephard and Nickie Wellbourn
  • Children’s Supervisor: Philippa Chilvers
    Assisted by: Adrienne Montie, Mandy Perry and Ginnie Thorner
  • Programme: Wendy Riley
    Assisted by: Michael Bayly and Sandi White
  • Photography: Danielle Colvin
  • Front of House Manager: Sandi White
    Assisted By: Sue Eade and Sally Wilson
  • General Manager: Michael Bayly
  • Production Manager: Johnny Morris
  • Communications Manager: Wendy Riley
  • Administrator: Sandi White
  • Project Chair: Markham Lee
  • Build Manager: David Bosworth - The Light Site
  • Project Manager: Mandy Perry
  • Set Design: Harold Moot
  • AV Design: Dave Spark - Pixel Event Solutions
  • Set Construction: David Gill and Andrew Hampton - Scenic Solutions
  • Set Electrics Build: Darren McKane - The Light Site
  • Wardrobe Manager: Diane Brodie QSM
  • Wigs & Make-up Manager: Sarah Greenwood Buchanan
  • Properties: Catherina Hengst and Stephen Robertson
  • Administration Support: Sandi White